How it began

It began many years, many generations ago.
We remember very well our grandparents, especially our Grandma Helene.

She was a very good example for us. From childhood on she had a very deep love for Jesus in her heart and lived her faith even in difficult times. In the hard time of the 2nd World War, she had to cope with her daily life and care for her 5 children and occupiers in her home  without her husband who was in the armee .

She lived her  life in the East of Germany all the years with great Joy and Strengh and Faith in God and was a wonderful testemony to her family and the people around her. After our Grandpa  was back home safely  after the war our Grandparents prayed every day for their family and even in her last years ( she was nearly 90 ) she prayed every day for all the Children Grandchildren and 25  Great – Grandchildren.


She was a great blessing and also our Mother Maria walks in her footsteps
and can give a wonderful testimony about her life:

      I had the  privilege to grow up in a Christian family.
I lived with my two brothers and two sisters a happy childhood.
We knew that our parents loved us and they prayed and read the bible with us.

As long as I can think back  – I loved Jesus and I knew that he died for me at the cross and forgave my sins.

My school time in the DDR ( East of Germany) was mostly not easy. My teachers let me feel that my faith was not tolerated . Many times I had to stand back and was humiliated in front of the class, but I could stick to my faith and testify it.
When I was 13 a Deaconess gave me the advice to start to pray for a Christian and faithful husband.

I had a very happy marriage for over 46 years with Fredo . Although we had very difficult times after a bad accident and long illness we trusted in God and experienced his love and faithfulness to bring up our 4 children and  shared our faith with them .

Many times in my live the verse from Jesaja 41,10  encouraged me:

“Don`t fear, I`m with you. Don`t be afraid, because I am your God.
I strengthen you, I help you and care for you.

Even in the times of mourning when my husband very suddenly and unexpected was called to eternity,
I experienced this truth.

And God also had much more for me – as it is written in Psalm 37,5 :

Trust in the Lord and don`t be afraid about the future.
Leave everything to him he will care for you in the right way.

But I never had expected to get married again , but God gave me another wonderful and faithful husband (Olaf)

Yes our GOD is great!  He is a GOD of miricals – even today ! Glory and Praise to HIM.


In the same way we 3 sisters go on in this footprints
and want to live our lives in Faith and Service to GOD


Three sisters (in the Hand) from left: Gabi, Ulrike, Michaela

We are Gabi, Michaela and Ulrike

In our childhood we grew up in the south of Germany – Baden Württemberg.
We had a wonderful warm and loving family with our little brother (Tobias) .
from our parents we learned to love and life a life with God.

Now we all live in different parts of the world.


Gabi Schnurr:
1959 born in Stuttgart.
There I was trained as a Nurse for elderly People
and became the Leader of a Meeting Centre and Place of Encounter.
In 1983 I got married to Winfried from Hessen.
From 1987 – 1991 we lived  in Nepal and worked there with INF – International Nepal Fellowship an international Mission.
Since 1991 we live in Hessen again with our 4 Children – and a “Special” grandchild.

In our church ( evgl. freikl. Gemeinde) I`m aktive in sundayschool and women – meetings.
I love to live a creative life – and I love it to work with other creative women in a Team.
Through my own songs and poems and with the Gracelet – I want to spred Gods Love Message and tell it to all women around the world  -to encourage them to live there lives with God  – to trust him in all circumstances – in good and bad times.

Michaela Buitenwerf:
1963 Born in Plieningen.
I was trained as an Image Professional.
I welcome women in my Studio for Color & Stile and Make up Consulting.
Also I am Identity Coach and Counselor – Speaker at Womens Conferences and Churchmeetings.
Since 1988 married to Yntze from Holland – we have 3 daughters and live in Belgien and Switzerland.

My Vision is it to use my Profession and my Faith to help women to come closer to God.
In our Church I am active in the Worship Team and as Counselor.

Ulrike McNair:
1965  Born in Nürtingen.
I was trained as an Qualified Interior Designer & Decorator.
Over the years I allways was Looking for creative work and do Caterings and Decorations for Weddings and Conferences.
Since 1992 I am married to Marcus an American and we life with our 3 sons in Seattle/ Washington.
In our Church I am active and creative in Meetings and I also started  ( 2008) and lead a house groupe for women – we call it “BUTTERFLY – GROUPE”. We built deep friendships, advise and support eache other in good and difficult times.
My desire is it to help each women to see herself as God sees her. 

Our great desire is to spread the Gospel of Gods neverending and unconditionel Love to all man.

Especially we want to encourage women and reach their hearts with Gods Love message.
They shall know and experience that the are loved and precious. 
To visualise that – God gave us the idea of the GRACELET as his gift.


In 2008 we three Sisters planed a gathering at Ulrikes house in Seattle / USA.
In the time bevore the flight Michaela and Gabi joyfully developed many creative ideas and preparations.
In the States Ulrike organised an “Event for Women” – and we got the Chance to use the Rooms of a “Beautyparlor” for our Meeting.
That was the perfect  surrounding for our message – ” The Real Beauty God sees in You”

The evening was very Special .The room was decoratet with lots of butterflies – delicious Food – buffet – Colors .
We had Songs and Worship-dance , Speache about Gods Reality – and good comunications. It was a blessed time together with 25 girlfriends.
Because that was such a blessed and joyful time we thought and prayed much more and asked God to use us in his plan to spread his love News. 


Ulrikes and her Girlfriends started the “Butterfly -Group” . Also Michaela in Holland and Gabi in Haiger started Womens – meetings.